Managerial Courage

Learn from Experience

Use the Conflict Resolution Tips and Worksheet to prepare to act with courage and tact the next time you face a tough managerial issue.

Reflect on how you communicate with each employee you manage. Take this assessment and based on your answers, pick one or two things you can do to ensure that when a problem arises, you will be prepared for more affectively demonstrating the GW Value of communication.

Take action today to avoid being “too nice” by considering the dilemma of the friendly boss. Read this article and pick one of the “dos/don’ts” to focus on with the employees you manage.

Prepare to deliver a tough message by assessing the risks and using the planning to give feedback tool (DOC). Review the tips, seek advice, and document the conversation and any follow up you commit to.

If something is wrong, don’t ignore it. Check your facts, seek appropriate guidance (e.g., your supervisor, HR representative, the Compliance Help Line (888-508-5275), or the GW EEO Office (202-994-9656).

Learn from Others

Solicit feedback from a trusted colleague or staff member on your ability to exhibit managerial courage. Ask for critical feedback on how you provide direct constructive feedback. Learn more about how you are perceived to identify opportunities for you to improve.

Look across the organization and identify someone you think shows managerial courage in the way they supervise. Ask to meet with that person and solicit their advice.