Valuing Diversity

Learn from Experiences

Think about the diversity of the people you serve and work with. How are they similar or different from you? Use this introductory elearning module to help you think about ways you can improve how you interact with those you serve.

Diversity is one of the GW values. Initiate a conversation with your team about how to better value differences on your team. Agree on one way you can build a stronger team by leveraging unique strengths of your teammates.

Use this tool to help you begin to understand what unconscious biases you may have. Once you complete the test(s), think about how your biases may show up in your work, and read this book to help you learn how you can minimize them in your professional life.

Initiate a diversity “community of interest” or a new “affinity” group within your department to get people together explore the topic of diversity. Use this article for one of your discussion groups. Prior to your meeting, create two or three discussion questions that relate this article to your team.

Learning from Others

Defining diversity is a challenge, but necessary if you want to be conscious of it and reap all of its benefits. Have a team discussion about what diversity means to each of you. Challenge your team members to think beyond race, ethnicity, and gender. Definitions of diversity might include communication styles, leadership approaches, and personality differences, for example.

Seek out a mentor who is different from you (e.g., different gender, race/ethnicity, age) and exchange views on diversity in the workplace. Ask the mentor to read the book The Difference with you as a way to explore the value of diversity at work.

Join Colonial Community and get involved in activities or join an affinity group as a way to connect with people in different parts of the university.

Listen to (or read) the podcast 10 Principles for Working Across Generations from the Center for Creative Leadership and discuss what you learn with a trusted colleague.

Watch this video to learn from a diversity expert how unconscious bias influences your thinking, decision-making, and behavior.