Time Management

Learn from Experiences

Commit to using new approaches you learn from this guide each day for at least one month. Set a daily reminder on your email or phone to help you remember. Time management is a learned skill. It may seem to take more of your time to use these techniques at first. However, once you implement best practices, you will find the investment was worth it.

Structure your workload by creating a to-do list. Use the linked article and its templates to identify a system for tracking and prioritizing to-dos that will meet your needs.

Have a strategy for overcoming procrastination or lack of motivation. Try “Eating the Frog” every morning. Make a to-do list and circle the toughest task that often gets avoided. Next, commit to completing the toughest tasks first each day.

Learn from Others

Outline some of your time management challenge areas and share them with your boss at your next one-on-one meeting. Fill out the Urgent/Important Matrix and edit it during your conversation so that it incorporates your manager’s input. .

Are you time-challenged? Start here. Take this quiz to help you identify opportunities to improve your time management skills. Use the results to reflect on what you can do differently. Discuss what you learn and plan to do with a trusted colleague.

Let Randy Pausch be a mentor to you on time management by watching this video. Select one thing you will do differently as a result of listening to his advice.