Organizational/Cultural Agility

Learn from Experiences

If a policy or procedure bars you from completing your work, find out why it is in place. You may discover there’s a good reason for the policy or procedure… or that it is time to change it. In that case, work with others in your organization to spearhead the policy or procedure change.

To become more cognizant of organizational culture and politics, review the Cultural Web tool and use the questions to understand your organization better. Adjust your approach to situations and interactions with others based on the insights you gain.

Learn new things about your organization. When dealing with new events, people, organizations or initiatives, think about past lessons learned and what you can do differently to enhance the change.

Offer to serve on a cross-functional team to enhance your network and increase your organizational knowledge and problem-solving skills. Follow these three steps to win support for the project.

Learn from Others

Ask a key player in your organization to help you learn the stakeholders you need to build relationships with in order to get things done. Use this article on stakeholders to help you prepare for your conversation.

Build relationships through networking inside and outside the organization. Read the article, 6 Networking Mistakes And How to Avoid Them, and take action to learn from others.

Watch a recording of Provost Steven Lerman discussing GW's strategic plan. As you watch the video, reflect on how this plan will affect GW’s organization and think about how you might play a role supporting change in the coming months and years.

Office politics are an important component of your work environment. Leverage the insights in this article on political savvy in a discussion with a trusted colleague or your supervisor.