Advancing your career requires skill, strategy and networking. Sometimes who you know, rather than what you know, is the key element to getting things done. Learn how to build your career through building relationships:

  • Expand your network. Reach out not only to those who are similar to you, but also to people who are pursuing different fields or are at a different stage of their career. Building rapport will help you make connections in minutes.
  • Talk to your supervisor and colleagues to identify resources and professional organizations to help you learn more about your career field.
  • Find a mentor who can challenge you and give you perspective or become a mentor and share your experience with others.
  • Expand your network by presenting your best self online, at virtual meetings, and in person. How you present yourself when building relationships can make a difference in how you are perceived and who you have access to.
  • Optimize your social media presence. With one click of a button you can expand your network immediately. Enhance your LinkedIn profile and join an online affinity group related to your career field.
  • Work to be a better teammate or build teams effectively.

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Develop Yourself

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