Motivating Others

Learn from Experiences

Use this assessment to gauge and improve your motivation skills by discovering effective techniques that build a high performance team. Based upon what you learn, implement one or two new techniques with individuals on your team to motivate performance.

Managers, watch this video about recognition with your team. Discuss ways that you can use recognition to motivate one another, and work together to improve the your internal practices using the GW Recognition toolkit as a guide.

Use feedback to motivate. Review the planning to give feedback (DOC) tool and plan a feedback conversation to motivate a colleague.

Learn from Others

Use the strategies in the Learn Now Guide for Career Development to partner with a less experienced teammate. Discuss the recommendations and work together to understand what motivates you both as you identify one or two actions to take to develop your careers.

Schedule a brown bag lunch with colleagues and watch the video, “The Surprising Science of Motivation.” Use the time to learn more about how many of the assumptions we make about motivation are wrong and discuss what really will inspire the people you work with.

Read this article and set up a 30-minute meeting to discuss it with your supervisor. Ask for tips on how you can use the Kotter’s 8-step change model to help motivate and boost morale when championing a significant change within your team or department/school. Focus on steps 1 and 6 for practical tips.

Listen to this podcast and discuss what you learn about how to motivate people across multiple generations with a trusted colleague.