Managing Up

Learn from Experiences

Managing up begins with understanding your boss’s work style and needs. Start by reviewing the Understanding Others guide, then read this list of tips to work on your adaptability.

Treat your boss like your client. Read this article and apply this approach in your next interaction.

Watch this Harvard Business School - Managing Up video with a trusted colleague who has the same boss. Discuss ways you can act on the advice, try it, and support each other as you improve your boss relationships.


Learn from Others

Read the article Relationship-Building: Managing Up. Afterward, schedule a meeting with your supervisor and ask some of the questions at the end of the article. These questions will help you to clarify your manager’s expectations and provide you with a better understanding of your manager’s communication preferences.

Find someone in your department that has a successful relationship with your boss. Take them out to coffee and ask them for tips on how to work effectively with your boss.

Learn from an expert. Read a transcript of the Harvard Business Review’s interview with Jeanne Meister, co-author of The 2020 Workplace, for practical ideas, insights, and advice on how you and your mentors can be helpful in managing up (and across).