Self-Paced Learning

Improve your skills each day by using Learn Now guides. Based on the 70/20/10 model of adult learning, these self-paced learning resources support you when you need help the most. Start learning now for your professional development.


Learn Now guides reflect the primary way you develop:

  • Learning from Experiences. 70% of your development happens through stretch assignments, new tasks, and problem solving.
  • Learning from Others. 20% of your development happens through coaching, feedback, observation, mentoring, and networking.
  • Learning on Your Own. 10% of your development happens through tools, readings, audio and video, and training.

Explore guides in these three categories

70/20/10 learning concept was developed by Morgan McCall, Robert W. Eichinger and Michael M. Lombardo at the Center for Creative Leadership and is specifically mentioned in The Career Architect Development Planner, 3rd edition, by Michael M. Lombardo.