Leadership Skills

Learn from Experience

You have heard it before: actions speak louder than words. As a GW Leader, it is important to walk the talk. Think about the GW Values and how you can incorporate them into your day-to-day roles and responsibilities. Develop a plan to lead by example and demonstrate behaviors that reflect the GW Values.

One of the best ways to learn leadership skills is to take on a leadership role. Find a project you can lead -- propose a pilot that you will spearhead; volunteer to lead a team through a process improvement; or revive a failing project. Use this page for comprehensive guidance on the skills you’ll need to lead your next project.

Before you lead your next task or project, take this assessment to gauge your strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Identify one strategy you will use to improve your leadership skills in your next assignment.

Think about your GW network. Have you developed relationships with other leaders across GW? Use the Peer Relationships guide to help you identify and build key peer relationships over the next several months that will give you the opportunity to build your leadership skills. Remember, in some cases it is not what you know but who you know that will enable you, as a leader, to get things done.

Learn from Others

Read GW alumnus and former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s book on leadership to learn more about his leadership story. What lessons were most meaningful and how can you apply them to the way you lead others?

Take this leadership motivation assessment to test yourself and discuss the results with a mentor. Explore the areas you scored 3 or less to learn more about your motivation to lead others.

Gain perspective on what makes leaders successful by learning about what makes them fail. Watch this video to learn from experts in leadership about "the biggest mistake a leader can make."