Introductory Employment Period Toolkit

These resources will help supervisors onboard new employees in a way that will speed up the time it takes for them to contribute fully in their new role, and help supervisors reduce the risk of new employees underperforming.

We highly recommend you watch the 15-minute webinar (below)  that provides an overview of the IEP guidance along with best practices and resources to support you during the IEP process. 

  1. Introductory Employment Period Supervisor Webinar
  2. Welcoming A New Employee: A checklist to help prepare for the arrival of a new employee.
  3. Expectation Setting Tool: A customizable document designed to help clarify which expectations are most important for a successful transition.
  4. Giving Feedback Planning Worksheet: A planning tool to prepare for a successful feedback conversation.
  5. Employee Recognition Profile: A worksheet a new employee can fill out to articulate what motivates them to help provide meaningful recognition.
  6. Introductory Employment Period Documentation Tips: A document sharing useful suggestions to help with documentation.
  7. Confronting Difficult Situations and Correcting Behavior: A planning tool to prepare for a counseling session to take corrective action.

In addition to the toolkit, your manager and HR representative are available to help you navigate the onboarding experience with new employees. If you need additional guidance, please contact Workplace Learning & Development at

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