Creativity and Innovation

Learn from Experiences

If you find yourself stuck when trying to solve a problem, try these 4 ways to Spark Your Creativity to help you get comfortable with the creative process.

Before your next team brainstorming session, review these steps for the brainstorming process. Identify if any of the specific techniques listed in the article would match your team’s brainstorming needs. Invest the time to plan for the session and prep your group.

Make connections among previously unrelated notions. Apply these these six steps when trying to come up with innovative solutions. Keep a journal as you work through each step to fuel your creative ideas in the future.

If you’re stuck in a career rut, try tapping into your creativity. Creativity often strikes when you’re engaged in something new or different. Step outside of your typical routine to boost your creative juices.

Listen to the podcast "Encouraging Creativity in Teams" to hear expert Daniel Pink discuss the importance of creativity and how it has evolved in our culture and in the workplace. Think about how your work fits into the "Conceptual Age." Reflect on how you can increase the level of creativity in your work.

In order for creativity to thrive in your team you need to ensure that the culture supports creative ideas. Examine how Innovation Leadership can inspire collaborative work and a drive for results. In particular, reflect on the six thinking skills on page 11 and how your team does in those areas.

Learn from Others

Meet with your supervisor to discuss your creative ideas or to ask for a project that could help you grow in your creativity. Test your ideas and seek feedback regularly. Don’t be afraid to ask for more time to develop a creative solution.

Find a creativity partner in your department.  When talking, ask them to provide feedback when you seem to be getting stuck in the past (e.g. “I have always…”) or to help you reframe problems as opportunities.

Bounce ideas off of someone from a different field or with a very different perspective from you. You might receive useful feedback that could lead to a new idea or new way of looking at the situation.