Building Effective Teams

Learn from Experiences

Consider the GW Value (PDF) of Teamwork. Build a sense of shared purpose by establishing common overarching goals for your team and encouraging them to work collaboratively to achieve individual goals.

Recognition and fun are key. Incorporate fun into tasks and projects and use humor to lighten the mood when appropriate. Make the team feel like each goal met is a win that the team can celebrate. Share your successes with those who contributed. Use the Recognition Toolkit to celebrate great work.

Sit down with your team and use the Assessing Team Values Instrument (DOC) to help determine the specific challenges you face when working together.

Learn from Others

Use The GROW Model to coach your staff. Learn the stages to successful team coaching and what to say at each step of a team project in order to increase engagement and energize team members.

Join a cross-functional team as a contributor. Observe the group dynamics and how the team leader navigates attitudes, expectations, and team skills to achieve results. After the project concludes, schedule a debrief with the team leader to gain their perspective on leading a team.