Administrative Skills

Learn from Experiences

Explore project management tools that can help you organize your work. Review the recommendations and tools available and apply one or two to help you make your department more efficient.


Read this article to identify one or two opportunities for you to help make meetings more effective in your department. For example, volunteer to send out a meeting agenda prior and offer to take meeting minutes.

Find ways to make small changes to how you work to be more effective. Review these tips and select one or two things to try in the week ahead. Track progress and make adjustments. After you make improvements, revisit the tips for new ideas and continuously improve.

Learn from Others

Identify someone you consider exceptionally organized and detail-oriented. Ask for suggestions and tips for improving your administrative skills. Ask questions such as how do you prioritize your work?

Learn from others in your field. Browse the many resources or join the American Society of Administrative Professionals. ASAP offers webinars, training, and expert advice that you can use to help improve your skills immediately.

Attend administrative professional meetings in your division. If none exist, schedule one and invite other administrative professionals in your division. Learn from one another.

Find a trusted colleague with whom you can peer review important assignments. For example, if you have a key project you’re managing, have him review your project plan well in advance of the time it’s due. Ask him to check for not only cosmetic edits but to see if you have thought through all aspects of the project.